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New! Ashi: Lake of Light APK 1.0.3 (Puzzle Game)

Ashi: Lake of Light APK 1.0.3

Editor's word: A firefly loops across a lake at dusk in this calm Asian-themed meditation.


New! Ghost Game - Get the Chow APK 9.8 (Puzzle Game)

Ghost Game - Get the Chow APK 9.8

Editor's word: Help the Ghosts dig through the clouds and get the Ghost Chow.

New! Endless Combo APK 1.1 (Puzzle Game)

Endless Combo APK 1.1

Editor's word: 《Endless Combo》is a brand new puzzle game.

New! Harmony: Music Notes APK 1.1 (Puzzle Game)

Harmony: Music Notes APK 1.1

Editor's word: Tap the squares to create symmetries and beautiful music! Play now.

New! Bake Cake APK 1.3.9 (Puzzle Game)

Bake Cake APK 1.3.9

Editor's word: This colorful and captivating match-3 puzzle game will allow you to open your own gourmet dessert shops around the world and collect delicious recipes!This is not just another match-3.

Updated! Hexers APK 1.2.3 (Puzzle Game)

Hexers APK 1.2.3

Editor's word: Hexagonal checkers.

Updated! Brainzzz APK 1.9.8 (Puzzle Game)

Brainzzz APK 1.9.8

Editor's word: Brainzzz combines several modes of puzzle games. Brainzzz – A collection of free puzzle games like Classic Tangram.

Updated! Matchington Mansion APK 1.30.2 (Puzzle Game)

Matchington Mansion APK 1.30.2

Editor's word: Play this match-3 mansion makeover & home decor adventure game for matching fun.

Updated! Toy Blast APK 5605 (Puzzle Game)

Toy Blast APK 5605

Editor's word: The ultimate matching puzzle game with unique gameplay.

Updated! Magic Book APK 1.1.2 (Puzzle Game)

Magic Book APK 1.1.2

Editor's word: Welcome to the Magic Book.